King’s College Hospital Trust

  • Client: King’s College Hospital Trust, London
  • Project: Hospital wards and theatre, Orpington Hospital

Orpington Hospital in Kent, part of Kings College Hospital Trust, is located on the site of a hospital built during the First World War and funded by the government of Ontario, Canada, hence its original name Ontario Military Hospital. It now is a specialist local hospital providing neuro-rehabilitation and orthopaedic treatment.

A programme of refurbishment was carried out by Kings College Hospital Trust soon after it took over the running of the hospital. Key areas of the hospital which were suffering from roof leaks to such an extent that they had become out of action. These areas included three wards and three operating theatres. These areas were remodelled and brought up to modern standards, including state of the art theatre equipment and a new ventilation system throughout. The roof was completely stripped and re-insulated and a new roof covering was installed on the 2,800m2 roof area.

This fast-track project was completed in just 16 weeks in 2013 for £4.5 million.